Alpen Lounge Bar


Our stunning Lounge Bar becomes a picturesque setting for a refined Bergamask brunch. A selection of recipes inspired by tastes and ingredients borrowed from our traditional regional cuisine, we top off this delectable experience with a mouth-watering selection of dessert masterpieces.

Alpen SPA Day: Relax Path and light lunch at the Lounge Bar, beverages included € 80,00. Reservation is required.


Brunch at the Lounge Bar

Every Sunday, from 12.30 to 15.00

The Lounge Bar become a scenographic frame for a tasty "Bergamasco Brunch".

A selection of recipes inspired to flavours and ingredients from regional tradition which culminate with a delicious collection of pastry masterpieces.

Brunch at the Lounge Bar , beverages included € 35,00. Reservation is required.




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