Champagnerie "Clos de Goisses"


Hotel Milano's Lounge Bar hosts the Champagnerie “Clos de Goisses”.

The project, born from friendship and cooperation between Hotel Milano's manager Fabio Iannotta, Pepi Mongiardino, Moon Import's owner from Genova, and the prestigious Maison Philipponnat, offers the best from Champagne's country in the hearth of Orobic Alps.


The Champagnerie's prestigious name, “Clos de Goisses”, is Maison Philipponnat Champagne's pride. Actually “Clos de Goisses” is considered the number one champagne by connoisseurs.

France Wine Magazine published a dossier about “Clos de Champagnes” defining it “…with great personality, without equals in Champagne's region”.



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