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Located in the heart of the Bergamask Dolomites, the Orobic Alps are in the Seriana Valley and a mere 90 Km from Milan, Italy’s bustling business, fashion and shopping centre. With its blend of tradition and modernity, our stunning mountain resort offers a unique opportunity for personal transformation. It's where you can recharge by means of natural wellness rituals, alternating between the most innovative and luxurious natural and organic beauty treatments and fitness activities taking place in the surrounding scenic alpine forest. An essential break, allowing you an escape from the routine, a well needed self-rediscovery time, a romantic weekend and a time to truly enjoy your loved one or loved ones, a vacation to discover your optimum physical and mental health... or, for the more innovative organization, a training course to help your team renew their inner force and vision.


Hotel Milano Alpen Resort believes in being one with nature, in ‘enjoyable’ physical activity, in using organic farming to obtain effective and pure essential oils to naturally nourish and promote your inner and outer beauty, in respecting the environment helping us to live in a more wholesome world, in lasting friendships, in unfaltering hospitality, and in good healthy food accompanied by the ‘right’ glass of wine. Although it can often be difficult to maintain the right balance with such a lifestyle, Hotel Milano Alpen Resort offers this balance!


Whether you are alone, in company, or part of a group, come live this experience with us.



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