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Hotel Milano is a house of wellness, inspired by the Alps and designed using the style of bio-architecture. A house, focused on the essential, where you will be welcomed by the fragrances, water and active principles of the Natural Elements. They are the only and the precious platform upon which we create our products and treatments - massages, body treatments, beauty lines for him and her, personal trainers and programmes. This is the home of true wellness: as it is known that mountains regenerate.


We first started out using products whose principal active ingredients were all natural. While seeking out such products, we discovered and started using more organically farmed products. Employing only elements that are part of a virtuous circle is not easy. We must ensure that their cultivation does not pollute, but, respects nature; that the production, processing or extraction of these active ingredients is respectful of the raw materials and whose processes are both environmentally beneficial when applied on our body and when they are subsequently removed, they biodegrade naturally back into the environment.


Thanks to major investments over the years, and particularly in 2008, Hotel Milano and its Alpen SPA have been equipped with modern facilities including solar panels used for hot water. We now use detergents with only the highest ecological standards, FSC paper from controlled forests, vegetable-based inks…etc.


Due to the above-mentioned efforts and ongoing worldwide research for increasingly natural products, the Alpen Spa Organic Wellness Centre was able to achieve an ICEA Bio-Wellness certification. The first of its kind in the world, the Alpen Spa also became the world’s first ever, Bio SPA. From this new vantage point and recharged with pride and energy, we will continue searching for the latest in all natural, organic products allowing us to develop and offer you the very best in wellness treatments… enjoyable and effective treatments resulting in a profound sense of well-being, balance and comfort for your mind, spirit and body.


Each individual treatment is the sum of ongoing studies and review allowing us to select the best all natural products, the most effective manual techniques and procedures, ensuring that each treatment is a true masterpiece, improving the health of your body. If you are seeking a way to combine treatments, making your experience with us even more beneficial to your overall well being, browse through our Wellness Rituals, Wellness Escapes, Alpen Fit programs and Wellness Weekends.


As we await the opportunity to guide you through our world at the Alpen Spa Organic Wellness Centre, we hope you will enjoy discovering our organic and all natural treatments.




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