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The hotel is our home

Go towards us, come to meet us.

We are a family, the hotel is our home. We live on hospitality, which is part of us. It blooms like primroses at the end of winter, rejoices with the arrival of swallows, becomes bright on long summer days and sweet like apples and grapes when autumn tinges the Presolana with pink.


We are mountain people, the alp is our habitat.

The profile of the mountains delimits the space but does not stem desires. The mountain has taught us balance, it has taught us to live. We are root without being radical. We are part of it because we derive from the material it is made of.

Hospitality and mountains go hand in hand. They are our daily guide that leads us along the path of respect, of listening, of reciprocity. They are the source of inspiration that refreshes us season after season, year after year. They are the stars that guide us towards the future and that illuminate our past.

What guests are looking for today is a dimension in which to feel good. It does not want a rigorous subdivision of the spaces, rather an interpenetration of the environments. This is why the restaurant is closely connected to the swimming pool, the wood is connected to the room, there is no indoor or outdoor, but life that circulates, moves, breathes, slows down, gets excited,relaxes, yes please.

What guests want today is to take their time, because time is what they lack. And we give it to them without the hassle of timetables: conviviality at home has no limits and it is possible to refresh yourself from morning to evening in complete freedom.

We offer attention

For us, people are not distinct groups, but separeted identities.

We try to interpret lifestyles and offer not products but attention, courtesy, care, concern, suggestions. We want to hear the guest, get to know him and offer him a broad concept of humanization as an antidote to digitization.

Hospitality and mountains are friends. This is why we don't like plastic, just as we don't like to waste, consume uselessly, use products that are not compatible with everything around us. Namely the water, the meadows, the rocks, the flowers, the snow, the fruit trees, the woods.

Hospitality is a creative act.

It stimulates curiosity and sensitivity. You can find it in a carefully mixed cocktail, on a walk in the woods, in the smile of the collaborators. Hospitality is a movement: to go out to meet us, to come to meet us. Hospitality is a matter of attention, eyes and an open mind. Hospitality is a daily need. That can improve ourselves and the world. Hospitality is a way of being, an attitude, a predisposition, a state of mind: it is a generator of positive energy, of openness that modifies the gray outlines of the existing and dyes them with the colors of mutual listening.


Castione della Presolana Hotel

Sleeping, perhaps dreaming. Find peace, love and breath. Our rooms are environments where you can feel good

Natural, organic, close, quality: these are our commandments for a good taste to be appreciated at any time.

Our wellness rituals have a single purpose: to guarantee you a beneficial purification of body, mind and spirit.

Take advantage now: we will stay in touch and you will receive more benefits


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