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Selected extracts, spices, aromas, spirits and champagnes.

Our Botanical Lounge, open from morning to evening, is a well-orchestrated cocktail based on natural essences and proven rhythms. Carefully selected extracts, spices, aromas, spirits and champagnes are combined with the art of mixology or infusion. A snack, an aperitif, after dinner. Always the right atmosphere. And even late in the evening, we know how to serve a first-rate cocktail or a relaxing, fragrant, digestive herbal tea. And may the night fall lightly to bring the beginning of a new day.

Botanic Lounge

In a space where light reigns, bright during the day and soft at night, it is possible to experience liquid experiences closely connected to nature: mountain herbs and flowers are expertly mixed with cutting-edge technologies by our bartenders.

Liquid nature

The scent and essence of the mountain spread in a bright, welcoming, accommodating and seductive environment.

From eight in the morning until late midnight, our Botanic Lounge releases aromas and flavors that are inspired by alpine nature. On the one hand stills, distillers, rapid extractors and mixers, on the other medicinal herbs, spices, flowers, essential oils: in this environment nature becomes liquid for the joy of those who know how to appreciate not so much a drink, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic. , rather, exquisite, unusual, refined mountain elixirs. Live music on Saturdays and during the week meetings and courses on drinking plants cheer and satisfy the curiosity of the guest. Welcome.

Quality bubbles

Our champagnerie

Our Botanic Lounge is transformed especially in the evening into a quality champagnerie where it is possible to taste and discover bottles selected with painstaking care from the different production areas, favoring small producers who offer organic and biodynamic champagne of absolute prestige. Monocru, Blanc de noir, Blanc de blancs, Assembled Rosé, Millesimato: when spoiled for choice is pleasant, seductive, stimulating.


A classy aperitif, in a bright, informal, pleasant environment.

Naturally fast

Bistro at noon

At lunch our Bistrot offers an a la carte menu based on balanced unique dishes, created to satisfy the palate with lightness, taste and practicality.

Based on selected natural products, certified organic, also in vegetarian and vegan versions, our dishes of the day are accompanied by delicious Montagnini, our magic under glass, pizza with sourdough and appetizing snacks based on meat burgers of absolute quality.

Mountain botanicals

Alpine cocktails

The name Botanic Lounge is not by chance or even for whim: it is enough not only to taste, but to taste one of our cocktails made exclusively with natural and mountain botanicals to realize it.

Even the greatest classics revisited by our barmen are prepared with bitters, vermouth and gin for example, which have nothing to do with traditional standard products. The choice for the creation of a cocktail able to offer new sensations is exclusively oriented to natural products, often and gladly obtained with selected officinal herbs. To try, without a doubt.

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