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Gold, incense and Brooch.

Spilla is a hop comet that illuminates the evenings, in winter as in summer. Spilla is the only brewery with a kitchen at the foot of the Presolana and has nine beers on tap by Elav, a local craft brewery, and that says it all: the staplers come out directly from the stone wall, while the high-tech kegs are stored in a refrigerator in crystal and steel of the latest generation. Spilla offers over thirty craft beers, unfiltered and pasteurized, all produced by national and international master brewers.


Spilla is our brewery with kitchen and offers a valid beer-gastronomic alternative with the bottles and kegs of Elav, a local craft brewery to be enjoyed.

How about tapping with us?

Spilla is a mountain restaurant characterized by pure orobic style architecture with stone arches, larch counter and contemporary design.

Spilla offers a cuisine of the Alps, from Savoy to Slovenia, based on organic products from Slow Food presidia and prepared with a special ingredient: Elav beer. Spilla is a friend of vegetarians, vegans, gluten free and gourmands. Spilla has a large reserved parking area and a double entrance: from the parking lot or from the hotel entrance.

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