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Malga Cream Bath

A very pleasant bath immersed in alpine cream to hydrate, nourish the skin and surprise our mind. The ladies' bath is enriched with precious essential oil of wild roses that relaxes and revitalizes all skin types, giving a splendid tone. Its intense, almost hypnotic scent of roses gives harmony, passion, security and an interior vitality. An oriental note is given by the essential oil of sandalwood fortifying the tissues, whose warm, sweet and balsamic fragrance soothes the mind and opens it to meditation.

Duration 20' / € 50,00


Organic Bergamasco Scrub

An intense exfoliation that energizes the body.
Yellow flour, Dead Sea salts and rosemary are the ingredients of this vigorous scrub; Organic sweet almond and organic lavender oil are added to this blend. The compound thus obtained will remove dead cells and stimulate cell regeneration and microcirculation, stimulating the oxygenation of peripheral tissues and improving their elasticity. This will be followed by a short massage with organic Scots pine essential oil with draining action.

Duration 45' / € 55,00


Small Savonage of the Alps

A gentle exfoliation for the most delicate skin
A delicate and fragrant plant-based savonnage: pine needles, rosemary, chamomile and lavender flowers effectively cleanse the skin and allow, thanks to the precious elements contained, to counteract skin imperfections caused by excess fat and cellulite. After the treatment it is recommended to take a Turkish bath for 10 minutes.

Duration 20' / € 35,00


Organic Honey Peeling

Exfoliate and nourish the skin.
This peeling based on honey and Dead Sea salts gently eliminates dead cells with an intense restructuring, calming, compacting and protective action on brittle, atonic and stressed tissues, as well as balancing the distribution of melanin. It gives the skin nourishment and intense hydration with a splendid silky effect.

Duration 30' / € 40,00

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