Forest therapy and mountain life

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Forest therapy and mountain life

The city, the excessive workloads, the life spent mainly indoors, if anything in front of a screen: there are those who call it techno-stress. We can define it as we want, but there is only one solution that can alleviate our daily fatigue. Take some time and spend it close, beside, inside nature. Discover its beneficial effects, oxygenate the lungs, brain and heart, breathe slowly and let yourself go.

Nature is close to us.

We have never been so far from nature as today. It is time to return to live it with the right respect, in all its beauty and enjoy the immense beneficial effects it gives us.

A little bit of mountain is what it takes.

Most people call them "experience" ", we like to be simpler, more concrete and not chase after the ephemeral.

We take care of the substance, which is made up of walking, of smelling and distinguishing the scents of the forest, of activating the five senses to discover that we are a body not divided into several parts, that anxieties can be stemmed and dispersed, that the simple contact with the natural element of the forest is not only therapeutic, but pure happiness. It takes a little, a couple of hours, to notice. Come and visit us, let us guide you.

But there is more. Around us the mountains offer the opportunity to carry out numerous activities ranging from road cycling and mountain biking, whoever wants to can rent an e-bike, hiking, mountaineering, canyoning and horse riding. In winter it is skiing that reigns supreme, with the slopes close to the Hotel and highly respectable ski mountaineering routes. And then cross country, snowshoes, snowboard: nothing is missing and we are here to give you all the information you want.

Come and visit us, let us guide you.

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