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Mountaineering and Climbing


Mountaineering has always been one of the favorite activities of mountain lovers. Using rock or ice climbing techniques. The Conca della Presolana offers a huge number of cliffs (equipped rock faces) to measure itself on the heights of the Bergamo Orobic Alps. Specialized guides to accompany and teach. An indoor climbing gym in the municipality of Castione della Presolana for climbing lovers even during the winter.
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Horse riding


On the territory there are three well-equipped riding schools: in Colle Vareno, Onore and Clusone. Possibility to ride both in the English and the American way and make horse trekking on the "path of the Orobie": an adventurous and fascinating experience. For everyone the opportunity to be followed by an instructor, for horseback riding in the mountains, at the horse-riding center, or to organize a mini-riding course during their stay.

Nordic walking


Nordic walking with sticks, suitable for all ages. A complete aerobic workout, which involves routes of varying difficulty and which can generate an increase in energy consumption up to 46% compared to simple walking without sticks. On request, the Hotel Milano can provide guides qualified for Nordic walking.



It is an individual sport that requires high physical and mental endurance, driving ability and a sense of balance. The most advanced mountain bikers ride steep and very technical descents and in the case of freeriders, advanced downhill and perform aerial evolutions jumping from natural or artificial structures. At Passo della Presolona you can find routes equipped for these activities with the possibility of ascent by chairlift. To be tried for the most daring.



Trekking is a form of hiking that involves a motor activity on long paths, roads and paths. The territory of the Alps Orobie offers numerous possibilities to practice this sport, at all levels. Alpine guides and mountain guides are available on request.



Archery is a sport of ancient origins, at the Passo della Presolana you can find an equipped camp. The passion for archery is very widespread in our territory, so much so that we have hosted several times over the years, the Italian, European and World Championships of this discipline.



For cycling enthusiasts the Alps Orobie offer a unique experience: retraces the steps of the Giro d'Italia stages: Presolana, Vivione, Mortirolo, Monte Pora, Gallo, Crocedomini. An unmissable emotion in the wake of the great champions. On request organization of single and group workshops for professional training (video shooting, travel time study, performance analysis with an Italian professional).



At the Hotel Milano it is possible to rent (for hours or days) a fun e-bike. With an assisted pedal stroke to limit fatigue you can reach the high peaks without extreme physical effort. Ideal for a group excursion with children.

Summer Bob


A summer bobsledding at the Passo della Presolana, with a spectacular view of the Alps Orobie, from where it is possible to experience the breeze of the bobsledding on a guided trail that descends from the slopes of the mountain. Suitable for adults and children, to try a different and fun activity breathing the sparkling air at 1,300 meters of height.



For golf lovers the opportunity to practice and play during the stay in the mountains. Two fields less than 1 hour from the Hotel: that of Franciacorta (27 holes) and that of Albenza (27 holes), home to some Italian Open.

Adventure Parks


Two adventure parks are available ten minutes from our structure: one in Clusone and one in Onore. For climbing and adventure enthusiasts, there are more than 7 different paths between trees and rocks. Even children have the opportunity to spend a fun afternoon with a suitable path from 5 years of age.



It is the simplest and lightest free flight vehicle in the world, derived from piloted launch parachutes. The "Alpifly" association of Castione della Presolana organizes courses and private lessons. Ability to try the discipline even individually, in "tandem" harnessed to the instructor, to experience the thrill of a "flight among the peaks".



The Natural Park of the Orobie offers the possibility of numerous walks at high altitude. Deer, chamois, roe deer, marmots, eagles and a beautiful wooded setting formed by larches, firs, pines, oaks, chestnut and beech trees. Large areas for gathering mushrooms, blackberries and fresh raspberries. Particularly fascinating is the "Valle dei Mulini" where it is possible to visit the ancient mill of Rusio, the "Path of the charcoal burners" along which it is possible to contemplate the beauty of Monte ScanapĂ  and the "Via del Latte", an old path of the herdsmen to bring cows in mountain pastures.

Indoor climbing


In Castione della Presolana you can find a fully equipped indoor climbing gym, walls for beginners and more experienced, 90 different routes at your disposal, a dedicated bouldering. The indoor gym offers 10-meter-high walls for an exciting challenge. Individual and group lessons. Availability of rent of specific equipment.



An adventurous activity along the canyons of the "Valle dell'Inferno", rappelling down the waterfalls and crossing the potholes. The descents provide a medium-high difficulty level but accessible to all on via more facilitated routes. Activities with the obligation of being accompanied by an alpine guide.

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