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    Mountain Hospitality
    Take care.
    Of rest. Of people.
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    Mountain Hospitality
    Take Care.
    Of food. Of drinking. Of nature.
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    Mountain Hospitality
    Take Care.
    Of people's well-being.
  • Hotel Milano Val Presolana
    Mountain Hospitality
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    Castione della Presolana
Castione della Presolana, Bratto

Mountain Hotel
in Presolana

Dear Guest,

what we offer you are not products but attentions, courtesies, treatments, suggestions all oriented towards your well-being. Ours is an open concept of hospitality. You can perceive it in the rooms with attention to detail, you can enjoy it in a diversified restaurant that goes beyond the criteria of established timetables: with us you can always find something good, from morning to goodnight.

At home we make no distinctions between inside and outside, which is why we offer you a holistic dimension of well-being based on a continuous dialogue between what we have created in our Alpen Spa and what nature has created around us.

We are increasingly aiming at enhancing and respecting the environment. We cultivate a human idea of ​​hospitality as an antidote to the slavery of digitization. Unplug and let yourself go, the beneficial effect will be surprising.

Sleeping, perhaps dreaming. Find peace, love and breath. Our rooms are environments where you can feel good

Natural, organic, close, quality: these are our commandments for a good taste to be appreciated at any time.

Our wellness rituals have a single purpose: to guarantee you a beneficial purification of body, mind and spirit.

Forest therapy, yoga, trekking, canyoning, road cycling, mountain biking, e-biking, climbing, skiing, need more?

We are a family, the hotel is our home. We live on hospitality, which is part of us. It blooms like primroses at the end of winter, rejoices with the arrival of swallows, becomes bright on long summer days and sweet like apples and grapes when autumn tinges the Presolana with pink.

Take advantage now: we will stay in touch and you will receive more benefits


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