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Wellness, inside and outside of us.

For us who consider ourselves pioneers of natural well-being there is no indoor or outdoor, but life that circulates, breathes, excites, excites, relaxes. At home we make no distinctions between inside and outside, which is why we offer guests a holistic dimension of well-being based on a continuous dialogue between what we have created in our Alpen Spa and what nature has created around us.


The mountain is the ideal dimension to find balance and peace with oneself, which is why the treatments and activities we offer are inspired by the Alps.

In Alpen Spa we only present products and services of the highest quality, with unique treatments and formulations that use oils and essences approved by the most rigorous organic certifications. Swimming pool, whirlpools, saunas, steam baths, aromatic showers done with different timings and sequences, help the body to dissolve tensions and relax, also inducing the mind to rest. These are wellness rituals that have a single purpose: to guarantee a beneficial purification of body, mind and spirit.

With due calm

Forest therapy.

Leaving the hotel, breathing in the woods: it is an immersion of a couple of hours on a slow walk to savor the fresh air and listen, smell, touch plants and flowers and reconnect to the rhythms of nature. Forest Therapy can significantly improve the quality of life bringing benefits, relieving stress and promoting relaxation. Walking in nature in any season relieves anxiety and promotes sleep and positive thoughts. Let yourself be guided.


Our way.

What we offer are not products but attention, courtesy, care, suggestions all oriented to the well-being of the person. We are increasingly aiming at enhancing and respecting the environment. We cultivate a human idea of hospitality as an antidote to the slavery of digitization. Unplug and let yourself go: the beneficial effect will be surprising.

Yoga, trekking, canyoning, road cycling, mountain biking, e-biking, climbing, skiing are the activities we offer at different levels. Imagine: you have just had your fill of nature in the open air and now you find yourself in the pool or, vice versa, you let yourself be pampered before meeting the beauty that the mountain gives. How does it look to you?

Inside and outside

You can feel good.

What you are looking for is time. The time that is often lacking in everyday life. We want to offer it to you without worries about timetables. Take it easy.

Treatments inspired by the Alps for deep well-being and rediscovered balance. Small masterpieces of pleasure for the body and mind.

We have never been so far from nature as today. It is time to return to live it with the right respect, in all its beauty and enjoy the immense beneficial effects it gives us.


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