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A natural, organic, quality cuisine

Without haste and when you want,
good taste has no set times.

We know, time is precious. We want to do everything so that time can pass lightly at home, almost without realizing it. This is why we freed the day from the usual times that mark the time of a hotel, so as to enjoy our delights at all hours of the day, in maximum freedom.


A certified organic mountain cuisine
in balance between research, experimentation and seasonality.

Ours is a natural and sustainable cuisine. We know they are somewhat overused terms, but for us it is like this. In proposing a dish, we want to introduce the guest to the reference ecosystem; in choosing an ingredient, we want to communicate its path, origin, provenance, history; in favoring local products, all certified, we want to transmit our attachment to the roots. They are and they taste of the mountains.

With all the trimmings and much more

The morning has the good in the mouth.

The rich breakfast of a delicious buffet is served in the bright Botanical Lounge. It starts early in the morning, but if he wants to rest as long as he feels like it, know that he will find what he wants even well after ten. A tip: if the sun is shining outside, bring your sunglasses. And know, we don't serve juices, but fruit extracts. Get to know and taste the difference.


Botanical Lounge, time passes lightly.

Our Botanical Lounge, open from morning to evening, is a well-orchestrated cocktail based on natural essences and proven rhythms. Carefully selected extracts, spices, aromas, spirits and champagnes are combined with the art of mixology or infusion. A snack, an aperitif, after dinner. Always the right atmosphere. And even late in the evening, we know how to serve a first-rate cocktail or a relaxing, fragrant, digestive herbal tea. And may the night fall lightly to bring the beginning of a new day.

Al Caminone & Spilla, restaurant and brewery.

We don't need stars,
because the stars are above us.

A good reason to visit us is in the dishes we prepare, in the wines we serve, in the beers we tap. Natural, organic, certified, delicious products. Here you can breathe mountain air: the stars are inside and above us.

Selected extracts, spices, aromas, spirits and champagnes.

A mountain cuisine that respects the mountains. All to taste.

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